ISLANDERS島民 is a social enterprise based in Peng Chau, Hong Kong that carries research and cultural work to understand how we can live on islands respecting the land, the people who were here before us, and their cultures.

We believe we have a lot of lessons to learn from the islands and their inhabitants: the limits of territory, resources and connections, can teach us to live in a way that respects our soil, our seas and our neighbours. Therefore, at the core of our work is research: we inquire into the island context with multi-disciplinary vantage point and share our findings with a wider audience by publishing, organising research workshops, and placemaking events.

In this journey, we work in collaboration with the many talented and skilled islanders who share similar vision and respect for the islands in our various projects 

ISLANDERS島民 is created by
urban researcher Myriem Alnet & Kit Chan.