ISLANDERS島民 started in 2019 in Peng Chau, Hong Kong  to understand how we can live on islands respecting the land, the people who were here before us, and their cultures.

We conduct research and publish zines, organise workshops and run a shop on Peng Chau to share our findings and spread respect for the island cultures.

ISLANDERS島民 is created by
urban researcher Myriem Alnet & Kit Chan.
Urban Research Lab

Grants & Supports 

HK Design Trust seed grant 2018
HK Design Trust feature grant 2022
Bridging Grant ETH-Zurich 2022 
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HETS-Geneva) 2022
CC Wu Cultural & Education Foundation Fund 2023

Media Coverage

Ming Po newspaper
Being Hong Kong Magazine
Obscura Magazine

38C Wing Hing Street,Peng Chau